What if the place where most people stop, is the place where the journey actually begins?

Feel like you here put here for something more?

That growing hunger to move forward or that sense of dissatisfaction with the old ways of being, or the underlying frustration of the daily grind of “ordinary” life is a clear sign that you’re ready to make the shift.

As humans, the only real mystery is the mystery we are to ourselves. We have a mind, emotions, unconscious realities and these experiences have a life of their own and are oft seemingly beyond our control. It doesn’t need to be that way

Each of the above resonates at different frequencies although the unconscious patterns have the greater power and are so often hindering the very things you most desire.

Which ones are you manifesting and how are they creating your life? What if you were able to control them? What if you had the power to focus all of your energy’s and play to your strengths?


Join us to discover practical ways to Create the Life you were actually designed for.

We are about to launch our amazing new website, full of cutting-edge information you won’t get anywhere else. Practical steps and simple techniques to assist you to unveil and reveal the best version of YOU.

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  • FREE E-Books full of practical steps to assist you to be the best version of yourself.
    – 7 Techniques for Being Present in Any Situation
    – 2 Master Keys to Creating Positive and Lasting change in your life.
    – Don’t Panic Just Breathe – A book dealing with overcoming Anxiety and Depression
  • Plus our FREE online Energy Healing Master Class.
  • Ongoing access to our upcoming video news channel, which covers a range of topics such as healing, meditation, energy medicine, peak performance and so much more.
  • Finally, discover the right relationship with yourself, in thought, word and deed.

This incredible program is changing lives and you have an opportunity to be a part of the new wave of consciousness, and this life-affirming opportunity is FREE.

It is suitable for all ages and types of people that have a desire to discover the truth of who they are and take their life and consciousness to levels that are unimaginable!

About your Flight Crew

Tanmayo Lawson

Tanmayo Lawson

Tanmayo Lawson is an international presenter and facilitator who has over 30 years experience in, wellness, meditation and personal development.  She is the founder of Facial Harmony/The Art of Integral Touch, unlocking deep, preverbal stress patterns in the body.  She has developed many programmes all designed to clear old constricting … read more
Vesna Pinter

Vesna Pinter

Vesna Pinter is a Kinesiologist and Counsellor and has been a healer for over 25 years.  She is a course writer and teacher and runs a  private clinic in Brisbane.  She has assisted over 10,000 people to change their lives and health, working with chronic and life threatening illnesses to helping people change their luck and achieve their … read more
Samyo Dalgarno

Samyo Dalgarno

Samyo Dalgarno  has studied a variety natural therapies including Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, NLP, and Kinesiology. Since 2002 Samyo has been developing Morphic Field therapy. Morphic Field therapy or M Field works with the bodies energetic and organizational structures to promote deep states of relaxation, vital health and wellbeing.  … read more

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