Samyo Dalgarno  has studied a variety natural therapies including Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, NLP, and Kinesiology. Since 2002 Samyo has been developing Morphic Field therapy. Morphic Field therapy or M Field works with the bodies energetic and organizational structures to promote deep states of relaxation, vital health and wellbeing.

Since 1996 Samyo has dedicated his life to the exploration of the human condition and the pathways to liberation through various forms of eastern and western teachings and practices, he has also been involved in facilitating and co-facilitating workshops throughout the world.

The mind is a wonderful tool, but it’s a terrible master. As a society we are educated identify with our thoughts and our beliefs, they are supposedly what make us who we are. In reality our beliefs limit us to a narrow band of experience; when in fact the truth is far more liberating.’ 

To silence the mind and sit in that state of relaxed presence is more powerful than any drug man can create. Stress is significantly reduced and the relaxed silence opens us to creative problem solving, intuitive leaps of consciousness and mental and emotional flexibility.”