Tanmayo Lawson is an international presenter and facilitator who has over 30 years experience in, wellness, meditation and personal development.  She is the founder of Facial Harmony/The Art of Integral Touch, unlocking deep, preverbal stress patterns in the body.  She has developed many programmes all designed to clear old constricting entanglements of conditioned beliefs, whilst opening new neurological pathways to success.  She has presented at many conferences around the world and facilitates trainings and seminars  internationally.

Her love of Zen and being in the moment is clear to all those who have the opportunity to work with her, either personally or in a group setting.
Tanmayo has the capacity to distil complex and sometimes (for the beginner) abstract concepts into simple to understand methodology for quieting the mind and awakening the authentic self.

“Revealing who you truly are can be a powerful experience. Releasing yourself from the burdens of conditioning and limiting beliefs, you uncover and actualise the beauty and great potential that already exists within your own heart. ”